Must 'Mast' Europe

From the Alps in the south to the low plains stretching to the Baltic and North Seas and the beautiful islands of Rügen and Sylt in the north; from the Roman city of Aachen in the west to the baroque city of Dresden in the east—not to mention the bustling capital, Berlin—Germany offers something for everyone.

Enjoy the endless fun of a city's museums, historic sites, famous festivals, and shopping, or relax at a cafe. You can enjoy thriving nightlife or celebrate the classics - Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Whatever you want, you'll find it in Germany.

Whether you are drawn to fascinating old cities, beautiful countryside, rich traditions or architectural marvels, or enjoy art, shopping and gourmet dining, Holland offers all of this and more. Centrally located in the heart of Europe, Holland is an affordable, compact and progressive country where everyone speaks English.

United Kingdom
England is a country of historic cities and quaint villages, the majestic Highlands of Scotland, the gentle valleys of Wales and the green hills and rugged coast of Northern Ireland.

Visit England and discover a country of great contrast and diversity both in the places you go to and in the people you meet. All the regions of England are within easy reach of the exciting capital city, London, famed for first class culture, fascinating history and pageantry, its world-class restaurants and theatre.

Vatican City
The Vatican City is situated entirely within the city of Rome, sprawling over a hill west of the River Tiber, and separated from the rest of the city by a wall. Vatican City comprises St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Square, the Vatican and the Vatican Gardens.

The State of the Vatican City came into existence in 1929. Head of State and Government: His Holiness Pope John Paul II since 1978.

Variety and beauty, both natural and cultural, make Austria a small jewel in the heart of Europe. Simply walking along one of the many cobblestone lanes, visiting a small country church or standing awe-struck before a magnificent country abbey, brings you face to face with history and culture.

Germany Sightseeing

Over 2,000 medieval castles, new design hotels, post-modern architecture, over 5,000 different types of beer, dry Riesling wines, soaring Alps, fairy tale roads, and top fashion designers are only a few of the attractions Germany offers its visitors
Blake Forest: Lake Titsee.
Cologne: Twin Spire Cathedral.
Frankfurt: Panoramic Tour.

Holland Sightseeing

The capital, Amsterdam, has Europe's largest and best-preserved historic center. It is truly one of the world's most alluring cities with hundreds of 17th-century houses, canals and museums where masters such as van Gogh and Rembrandt are on permanent display. Experience Amsterdam's unrivaled nightlife and shopping, and get around on bicycles or waterbikes.
Amsterdam: Volendam Village, Canal Cruise, Modurodam Village, The Hague & Windmills.

United Kingdom Sightseeing

London: Explore the hidden secrets of this fantastically diverse city as you dive down obscure alleyways and slip behind ancient buildings. Walking is the best way to discover London. It's affordable, energetic, unpredictable and hugely intriguing.

Picadilly Circus, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street, West Minister Abbey, St. Paul's Curch, Parliament House, River Thames, London Bridge, London Monument, Swami Narayan Temple & Madame Tussauds.

Vatican Sightseeing

Vatican City: St Peter's Cathedral-Saint Peter's Cathedral, Basilica di San Pietro, was originally the Circus of Nero, where St. Peter was crucified, martyred and buried in 61 AD. In 200, an altar was built, where Peter was believed to be buried.

In 342 Constantine built the first basilica. By the 15th century, it was falling apart, and in the early 16th century Bramante began plans for a church. In 1506 Pope Julius II placed the first stone of the new church, that took over a century to build, and involved all the great architects at the time. Michelangelo finished Bramante's plans and Giacomo della Porta took over the project at Michelangelo's death in 1564 and raised the dome by the end of the century in 1593. Carlo Maderno made a few changes to the church and completed the Facade in 1614.

Austria Sightseeing

Austria offers the riches of Europe in the proverbial nutshell: spectacular vistas, Alpine splendor, pulsating nightlife, sophisticated shopping, classical culture and culinary adventure — and skiing is a way of life in the country of any skier's dreams. Austria has been a favored travel destination for more than a thousand years.
Innsbruck: City Tour, Golden Roof & Swarovski's Crystal Museum & Shopping Mall.

More Tourist Destinations in Europe :-

France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria.

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